Robert Hallam’s Book

This manuscript account book was found in the house of Henry Neil Ashton (Charles Bradwell Ashton’s eldest son) after he died. No covers are present and the first and last surviving pages are loose and damaged, but the rest are in good condition for their age.

The earliest record is dated 1849 and the latest 1890. Written in several different hands, ranging from spidery to blotched, and clear to indecipherable, the entries are only roughly arranged in date order. Most of them are concerned with the accounts of the business transactions of Robert Hallam and his family, but there are also Tithe records for Bradwell, legal documents, copies of useful information, and a list of births marriages and deaths.

Uncertain readings are marked by a ?. Any note added in transcription is indicated by the use of italics. Wherever possible, the original pagination and arrangement of the text on the page has been followed, and any eccentricities in spelling, punctuation etc have been kept.

In this book, double s is sometimes written as we do now, and sometimes in the older form in which the first s is written in a single elongated form which goes below and above the line. Instead of rendering this as an f, which doesn’t resemble the sign at all, I have indicated this usage by putting the double ss in italics.

This transcript was made by Christine Skerrow, HNA’s niece.
Hull, June 2007

Note added by BHS in 2021:
In order to improve the whole document for searching purposes it has been divided into separate sections viz:

  1. Accounts of the business transactions of Robert Hallam and his family
  2. Tithe records for Bradwell
  3. Legal documents
  4. Copies of useful information
  5. List of births, marriages and deaths

It should be noted the order of entries into the book if followed and this is not always chronological.

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