The Society currently has in hand a number of projects, some of which have arisen from the ‘Local heritage Initiative’. The projects currently running are as follows: 

The House I Live In

Notable Bradwellians

Completed projects

Then and Now

History of St Barnabas Church, 1868-1968 by Charles Bradwell Ashton

Bradwell People in the Two World Wars

The cultural heritage of Bradwell by Brian Gillham, 2009, with footnote added 2017

Bradwell Fustian by Brian Gillham, January 2021 (See also Notes on fustian)

C of E School 1872 – 1972 by Shirley Archer

School trip to the Lake District, Easter 1961. From the diary of Hilda Fischer

Bradwell Old Band by Christine Skerrow

Bradwell Shops

Bradwell Postal Service

Bradwell Pubs by Frank Cooper, 2007

Wakes, Carnival & Well dressing by Frank Cooper, 2007

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012

Meals on Wheels Service by Betty Bancroft, 2007

Mobile Physiotherapy by Betty Bancroft

Servicemen visiting Bradwell in World War I

War weapons week, 1941

Policing in Bradwell by Tim Knebel and Les Bradwell

The Bradwell Axe by Christine Skerrow

The School Train by Christine Skerrow

Robert Hallam’s Book

The Tideswell Male Voice Choir by Michael Emsen

Memories of Bradwell by Brian Wharton

Isaac Hall poem 1952

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