Published by the Society

After Seth Bradwell into the twenty-first century, Bradwell Historical
Society, 2008. ISBN 978-1-906789-01-5. £10.
Bradwell pamplet, 2017, 50p
A brief history of Bradwell, Bradwell Historical Society, 1998. 50p
Bradwell historical map with notes, Bradwell Historical Society, 1998.
ISBN 0 9529227 1 1
Bradwell in two World Wars. Those who died and those who served, Bradwell Historical Society, 2012
DVD Bradwell Newspaper Cuttings 1883 – 1951 (Bradwell Historical Society – 2012). Collected by Cyril Evans. £5
Bradwell Fever 1868-70, Bradwell Historical Society, 2012
The Jabez Bradwell Diaries, Ben, David and John Wilson (1996)
Bradwell Historical Society ISBN 0 952 9227
Bradwell War Memorial Hall, A History. Bradwell Historical Society, 2019
Bradwell Memorial Hall, A History. Transcribed by Lilian Riddall from handwritten minute books. Bradwell Historical Society, 2012

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Other publications

Bradwell, ancient and modern: history of the parish and incidents in the Hope Valley & District: being collections and recollections in a Peakland village. Seth Evans, 1912. printed by the Broadoak Press, Chesterfield.
The 2004 reprint was published by County Books, Courtyard Cottage, Little Longstone. ISBN 1 898941 90 4
Methodism in Bradwell, Work and Worthies of 160 years (Chapel Centenary Souvenir), Seth Evans, 1907. New Mills, G.H. Bailey, Printers Post Office
A Bradwell Man, Inspired by the writings of Cheetham W Fletcher, by Barry and Bill Fletcher, High Peak Books, 1998. ISBN 0 9532342 0 7
Bradwell Fire Service, The first 50 years 1939-1989. Frank Cooper (2003)
Pub. Ashridge Press. ISBN 1 901214 16 8
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