Painter of the Bradwell Millennium Triptych

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1926 to parents Percy and Daisy Mann, Pamela Mann came to England when she was 20 years old. She lived in London whilst working as secretary to the famous crime novelist Ngaio Marsh who was herself from Christchurch. Pamela then moved to Sheffield where she taught Social Care at Sheffield University. It was there that she met Juliet Berry and around 1986, upon their retirement, they moved to Bradwell. They moved in to Cob Castle at the bottom of Smalldale where they lived for nearly 20 years. Soon they had both established themselves as fully-contributing members of the village. Both ladies were fine artists and several of their paintings and sketches bear both of their initials. Pamela was to be seen in many places around the village busy with her painting. For example she painted Bernhard Fischer’s garden on Gore Lane. She also painted a picture of the cottage called The Homestead at Town End as a wedding present for George and Margaret Mitchell. Another favourite location for her work was the back garden of Joiner’s at Town Bottom where Mrs Knowles lived. Over the years a number of her paintings were displayed during Gala Week in St Barnabas. Pamela and Juliet later moved together to Moorland House in Hathersage and on Juliet’s death, 5 years later, Pamela moved to the nursing home called Broomcroft in Broomhill, Sheffield where she died on 19th March 2013 aged 87 years. Her funeral was at St Mark’s Church, Broomhill on 5th April.

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